A satisfactory application that all Tech savvy’s need. NFC Tools is Simple and intuitive. NFC Tools can record standard information on your NFC tags which will be compatible with any NFC device.

1. Locate where the NFC tag is located on the object you are scanning
2. Touch the back of your device to where the NFC tag is located on the object

The Pro Features lets you record standardised data such as:

1. A simple text, a link to a website, video, social profile or an app.
2. An email, a phone number or a predefined text message.

3. Contact information or an emergency contact.

4. An address or geolocation.

5. A WiFi or Bluetooth configuration.

6. Add in your Business Cards / V-Cards

7. Write and record your text.

Passing your device near an NFC chip allows you to see data such as:

1. The manufacturer and the type of tag (eg : Mifare Ultralight, NTAG215).
2. The serial number of the tag (eg : 04:85:c8:5a:40:2b:80).

3. What technologies are available and the standard of the tag (eg: NFC A, NFC Forum Type 2).

4. Information about the size and memory.

5. If the tag is writable or locked.

6. And last but not least, all the data the tag contains (NDEF records).


An NFC compatible device is required.

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